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If today you don't have your own website, you're not in. To help you find a server that suits your needs we've made a list of places where you can find FREE WEB SPACE. For each of these providers there's a link to their site, the amount of space they provide, whether there are banners or pop-ups, how to upload (ftp or browser), the URL you might have, the limit of data you can upload every month and whether they support CGI script or not. Some of them even help you build or may ask to put a banner, button, pop-up or link on your homepage that links up to their site. You think your URL is to long ???  No problem we've also made list of short URL providers on the bottom of this page. Like that your URL may be easier remembered. If you have any more providers that you think should be in  the list, please mail them to me. I will do my best to include them a.s.a.p. 

TITLE Space CGI Adds Uploading URL Upload lim.
FortuneCity  (Holland) 100 Mb Collection Banner FTP/Browser No choice No Limit
Tripod Holland 100 Mb Yes Pop-Up FTP/Browser ?
Bizland 35 Mb ? Pop-up FTP/Browser ?
FortuneCity 100 Mb Collection Banner FTP/Browser No choice ?
Crosswinds UNLIMITED Collection Pop-Up FTP/Browser ?
Hypermart 20 Mb Yes Banner or Pop-Up FTP None
Stormloader 20 Mb Collection Banner Browser ?
Virtual Avenue 20 Mb Yes Banner FTP None
Geocities 15 Mb No Banner or Pop-Up FTP/Browser ?
WebJump 25 MB Collection Banner + Pop-Up FTP ?
Intel Cities 3 Mb No No Browser ?
Homestead 12 Mb No Banner Browser ?
WBS UNLIMITED No Link Browser  ?
Tripod (International) 50 Mb Yes Pop-Up FTP/Browser ?
Cybercities 25 Mb No No FTP ?
B-City 5 Mb No Banner Browser ?
Freeservers 20 Mb Collection Banner FTP/Browser ?
Internet Trash 20 Mb No No Browser Max. Hits(?)
CONK!World 1 Mb No Pop-Up FTP ?
For Free 2 Mb No Banner FTP ?
ProHosting 50 Mb Collection Pop-Up FTP ??? ?
Nettaxi 3 Mb No Pop-Up FTP ?
Free Yellow 12 Mb Collection Banner FTP/Browser ? 1 Mb No Banner FTP ? 12 Mb No Popup FTP/Browser ?
WOW Mail 12 Mb No Banner Browser ????? ?
FreeZ 10 Mb No Banner FTP/Browser ?
Homepage 10 Mb No Banner FTP ?
Web 1000 25 Mb Collection Banner FTP ?
50 Megs 50 Mb ? Banner FTP ?
Redrival 20 Mb No No FTP ?
TreeWay 25 pages No Frame Browser ? ?

Your URL is to long??? Choose for a short URL out of the list below. This way it's easier for your visitors to remember.


TITLE Example URL Adds
Mypage Pop-Up
V3 Redirect Services
Pop-up, Delay-page or Bannerframe
Banner or Pop-Up
Pop-Up Pop-up Button (with stats) Redirect Page
Internet Jump
Redirect Page
CJB None
TSX Pop-Up
Glow Pop-Up Banner
the Government Many possibilities None
Notrix Pop-UP Redirect Page Add Frame
Smart Redirect Pop-up, Delay-page or Bannerframe Button
QFX Pop-Up